Halloween and Motion Sensor Triggered Effects

Halloween and Motion Sensor Triggered Effects

hueDynamic allows you to have dynamic lighting experiences with sound and SFX. This is great for special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

You can have layered sound effects with synchronized lights that are triggered by your Hue motion sensors; the ultimate way to create a spooky and exciting atmosphere.

Some of the bundled ambiences and effects include:

  • SFX Scream – Woman screaming
  • SFX Ghost – Passing spirit!
  • SFX Ghoul – He’s after you!
  • SFX Tocatta – Dramatic organ
  • SFX Power flicker – Get ready for a brownout!
  • SFX Payback – Possessed girl
  • SFX Door Bell – Ding dong!
  • Halloween Ambience – A looped spooky atmosphere with lighting to match
  • Undead Pulse – Sci-fi horror
  • Monster Cave – Ph33r the monsters!

Halloween Demo Video with Motion Sensor Triggering

This video demonstrates some of the spooky layered ambiences that can be associated with motion sensors. Scary stuff!