Download hueDynamic Screen Capture Agent

Download hueDynamic Screen Capture Agent

hueDynamic now supports real-time synchronization of your Hue lights to your computer screen or monitor! We’ve worked hard to ensure low latency and a low CPU and memory footprint by using the DirectX APIs. This means it also works great on low powered home theatre PCs and laptops. Movie night or gaming sessions will never be the same again!

To get started, first install the hueDynamic app (from the Windows Store) on your PC, then install the hueDynamic Capture Agent from the links below. You can then go to the Camera page in the hueDynamic app and select the Screen Capture option.

Downloads (Windows)

hueDynamic Capture Agent – Version 1.0.5 (MSI Installer)

Philips Hue Entertainment Supported

hueDynamic now uses the Hue Entertainment API, which provides an ultra-fast streaming channel to your Hue lights. This means that hueDynamic screen synchronization is the best available and doesn’t rely on having to install additional software such as Razor Synapse, which can conflict with the operation of your other Philips Hue apps and accessories.

hueDynamic can still use the old HTTP API to give you a highly optimized experience if you wish, e.g. if you have a V1 Hue bridge.

More Information

hueDynamic Screen Capture Agent system tray icon
hueDynamic Screen Capture Agent system tray icon

The hueDynamic Screen Capture Agent runs silently in the system tray and automatically starts with Windows. It allows the hueDynamic UWP app to grab the current screen when you start the Camera mode, something that UWP apps can’t normally do. It uses DirectX and optimizes the screen data using hardware acceleration before handing it to hueDynamic app for processing and orchestration of your Hue lights.

You can of course select all the same options for the screen capture mode as you can for the web camera mode, such as average color, dominant color and number of colors to detect.


True Multi-Zone Lighting

hueDynamic allows you to assign different bulbs to different sections (or zones) of your screen. For example, you could have a Hue Go behind your computer monitor that represents colors from the middle of the displayed image, a desk lamp to the left, an uplighter to the right and a ceiling light. You could even have a Hue Lightstrip under your desk and assign it to mirror the colors from the bottom of the displayed image!

The following picture shows you some of the configuration options that are available when using the screen capture agent and your Hue lights:

Assign different Philips Hue lights to different sections of your screen.
Assign different Philips Hue lights to different sections of your screen.

When multiple zones are enabled, image processing is spread across your available CPU cores to ensure the lowest latency!

Full Screen Gaming Supported

Unlike other apps, hueDynamic works fine with exclusive full-screen mode. 

However, if you encounter problems, select the Borderless Window option in your game.


We recently introduced “Overdrive!” mode. This mode is the result of weeks of research into achieving the lowest latency light synchronization possible with the Hue system. It uses slightly more CPU than the default mode, but halves the response time of the lights to changes on the screen. This mode works best with a wired network (Ethernet) connection and a smaller number of lights, perfect for gaming rigs.

The majority of the latency in Overdrive mode is purely due to the limits and overheads of the Hue bridge and the Zigbee LightLink protocol.



  • Fixed some issues with virus scanner false positives.


  • Provisional support for multiple graphics adapters.


  • Fix regression which stopped capture when entering exclusive full screen mode.


  • Multi-monitor support. Double click the tray icon and select your capture monitor from the list, then click the button. Selected monitor is saved across app launches.
  • Improvements to installer


  • Initial release

Known Issues

  • The capture agent may not be contactable after system sleep. You should close and restart hueDynamic Capture Agent for now.
  • There may be spurious agent connection messages displayed on the camera page after locking machine / sleeping. These are harmless.